Hi everyone and welcome to my store !

I decided to create an English subpage for those of you who want to buy something in my store or learn more about me, but the lack of English subtitles made it impossible.
My name is Magdalena and I have been dealing with macrame for 3 years. I live in a small town in Poland and in my apartment I have my studio and a string warehouse.

How did it all start ? I found macrames on Instagram and Pinterest by accident and fell in love at first sight. I wanted to create something for our newly bought apartment. I started learning, first from foreign tutorials on Youtube, second I tried to create something myself. I showed all my works on Instagram and more and more people were interested in what I create. When there were questions about whether I sell macramé, I started to create my first, original projects. In 2019 I opened my macrame store www.makramynablokowisku.pl

At the end of 2020, during the pandemic, I opened a section for other creators in my store. This place is constantly growing. You can buy there the best quality Turkish strings, beads, strings of a Polish producer, beautiful branches, colorful tapes for tapestries and other.

European shipping :

I send my products (strings, branches, macrames) to many European countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden.

If you want to buy something in my store, let me know – you can do it by writing here via the contact form / by e-mail
zycie.na.blokowisku@gmail.com / in DM on Instagram. I use many carriers, most often DPD, Feedex, GLS or DHL. I always try to find the cheapest shipping options available. Rope, branches and macrames are heavy and the shipping prices tend to increase the heavier the package is.

How to pay for the order?

To my bank account or PayPal account.

My bank account :Magdalena Karkusiewicz-Okła Makramy na blokowiskuPL 84 1160 2202 0000 0003 8116 1277

PayPal: magdakar1991@gmail.com

Delivery time:

I try to ship your orders as soon as possible.

The strings and ropes  I send 1-3 days after receiving the payment.

You have to wait a maximum of 5 days for branches (creating them takes a lot of time). The delivery time for macrame orders is usually 4 weeks, but you can always ask about it,  if I don’t have too many  orders the waiting time can  be shorter.


Our products:

Most of the cords and ropes in my shop are from Turkey. These are the highest quality products.

Single twisted soft cotton string– is one of the most popular strings used in macrame. Easy to fray so you can get that fluffy and soft effect, but still holds together during the knotting. 100 %  the best natural cotton. We have various lengths and thicknesses: 2 mm (305 meters) , 3 mm ( 300 and 25 meters) , 9 mm ( 69 and 15 meters ). This string can be detached so you can create leaves and weeds from it.

2PLY– double twisted  3 mm rope, high quality, 100% the best natural cotton. This one is  strong, has a beautiful structure, it can also be detangled. In our shop we are offering 139 meters spools.

3PLY– triple twisted  5 mm rope. High quality, 100% the best natural cotton. This one is  strong, has a beautiful structure, it can also be detangled.  In our shop we are offering 30 meters bundles.


Bamboo strings – single twisted 3 mm best quality strings. They are a novelty on the world market, our Turkish manufacturer has patented them. Completely new quality, previously unknown softness, they detangle quickly and have a natural glow.

Braided cotton strings – made in a family factory in Poland. These are one of the most frequently used macrame cords in Poland. They are perfect for learning macrame – soft but stiff, they cannot be combed out, so they can be used repeatedly. We offer 100 and 300 m versions of 3 mm cords.

Wooden beads – they come from Turkey. Available in three sizes: 15, 19 and 30mm in length. They have large holes, look beautiful on macrame and tapestries.


Wooden branches– We are most proud of this product because we create it ourselves in our small carpentry workshop. All our branches come from the heart of the beautiful  forest in Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. None of them has been cut – all the branches are on the ground. We carry out our work with great respect for the forest and nature – we have permits from foresters and we pay for the branches.We can only take a small percentage of what the undergrowth offers. It is very hard and laborious work. The branches are subject to multi-stage cleaning with the use of several machines. Each branch is different, they are thicker and thinner, straight and more curved. Most of our products are made of beech wood, but sometimes oak and hornbeam branches also appear in stock. Branches may have knots, natural cracks and worm holes.

Macrames –  Creating macrames is still my greatest passion and I will be happy to make  one for you. I offer not only wall macrame but also macrame pillowcases, lampshades, wall hangings tapestries  and planthangers. I am open to new ideas and suggestions, I often create individual projects tailored to the style and vision of the client.

Any questions? Just let me know ! <3